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Veteran Franchisees

Celebrating Veteran Small Business Ownership

How one Wounded Warrior overcame the odds

Charlie Hall, owner of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Colorado, hired a wounded warrior in 2011. His name is Brandon Scherer, and he was injured in Afghanistan and was medically discharged under honorable conditions because of his injuries. Brandon has permanent hearing loss, severe brain injuries as well as back and neck injuries. (He has hearing aids.) Read more

 Al Daniels: Serving His Country, Fellow Man and Pizza

Al DanielsBefore becoming a successful franchisee with nine stores in Georgia and Florida, Alkina (Al) Daniels served his country for 20 years in the United States Navy. Traveling worldwide, Al has been in every conflict from 1987 to 2007including his service in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and at the World Trade Center in 2001. Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, Al joined the military right out of high school due to tough economic times and the persistent will of his mother for him to make a life for himself. Read more

Franchisees strengthened by Veterans

When Christiana and Stephen Logansmith opened up their ServiceMaster Clean franchise in 1991, they were confident they would succeed. More specifically, they knew the experiences gained while serving in the United States Navy had prepared them well for what was ahead. And 20 years later, with more than 100 clients and 160 employees, the Millersville, Md.-based janitorial service is thriving thanks to the time-tested principles they learned in the service. 

Franchising & Small Business Ownership

Drawn to the idea of being her own boss, Logansmith was immediately attracted to the concept of franchising. The former communications and security officer admits the couple did not have an idea to implement, so choosing a small business with the strong track record, great brand recognition, made the decision all the easier.  Read more

Wanted: Veterans in franchising

With its rapid training opportunities, scalability, and need for operational execution and excellence, franchising has proven to be an ideal structure to enable veterans to become leaders of and productive participants in the U.S. economy.  Interested in hiring veterans for your company?  Click here for more information!

Veteran Builds Dream Career with Dunkin’ Donuts

Mike White - Dunkin' Donuts Franchise Owner

Born and raised in Panama into a military family, Mike spent most of his adolescence traveling. At the age of 15, his family settled in Ohio and he later attended Ohio State University before enlisting in the military. Mike is a retired Army Major, 22 years, served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. A graduate of the Navy Experimental Test School, Mike also spent 34 years traveling the world as a test pilot before embarking on his next career move.

With family and friends in Atlanta, Mike started to look into various franchising opportunities in the city and decided that Dunkin’ Donuts was the perfect opportunity for him. Read more